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Health Care

The Department of Research and Development supports Hawaii Island’s private and public healthcare industry, business community, and community-based nonprofit organizations, in a collaborative effort to achieve the Healthcare “Triple Aim” first introduced by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. The “Triple Aim” refers to the simultaneous pursuit of improving the patient experience of care, improving the health of populations, and reducing the per capita cost of healthcare.
Healthcare serves as Hawaii Island’s third largest employer and is expected to continue to bolster the island economy by adding to job creation, educational attainment and workforce productivity.

Promoting Healthier Lifestyles for a Healthier Hawaii Island


    • Longer Life Expectancy
    • Superior Quality of Life


    • Tackle Unhealthy Behaviors – Prevent Smoking and Obesity
    • Encourage Physical Activities from Keiki to Kupuna


    • Improve Access to Health Care
    • Establish Primary Care Training Programs, Faculty and Facilities
    • Address Provider Shortages
    • Endorse Technology Transformation
    • Encourage Recommended Health Care Screenings
    • Support Community Collaboration and Leveraged Resources

Links and Resources
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Doctorate Degrees
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School of Nursing