Department of Research & Development champions the value of creative industries

Creative Industries

The National Arts Index quantifies the significance of arts and culture to American life with wide-ranging benefits that touch the individual, community and the nation. In Hawaii, the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism notes the importance of assisting the development of creative activities as a valuable economic development strategy:


    • Hawaii’s cultural diversity and host culture are cited as major attractions for millions in visitor spending.


    • Hawaii’s unique creative products compete in worldwide markets and bring in export revenues.


  • Hawaii’s creative industries contribute to emerging technology and innovation sectors.

Hawaii’s industry groups that comprise the creative industries portfolio include:

>2011 Statewide Job Count* Hawaii County
Marketing and Photography 9,961 1,108
Performing and Creative Arts 8,690 1,260
Engineering and R&D 5,585 537
Business Consulting 5,037 497
Computer and Digital Media Pro. 4,539 218
Cultural Activities 2,381 110
Publishing & Information 2,329 307
Film, TV, Video Production/Dist. 2,145 187
Architecture 1,893 146
Design Services 1,842 253
TV & Radio Broadcasting 1,236 44
Music 922 140
Art Education 703 52
>>*Source DBEDT Hawaii’s Creative Industries Update

In 2011, Hawaii County accounted for 4,862 of the state’s creative industry jobs. Over the past decade, nine high performing creative industry groups grew jobs and increased their competitive share: Architecture, Art Education, Business Consulting, Computer and Digital Media Products, Design Services, Marketing and Photography, Publishing & Information, Film, TV Video Production/Distribution, and Music.

With an impressive 122 Arts, Culture and Humanities Guidestar-listed nonprofit organizations and 229 industry-related employers, Hawaii County Department of Research & Development champions the value of creative industries.

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