Resources and Sustainability

Centrally located in the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii Island is the youngest, tallest, biggest and southernmost island in the 50th State. Biodiversity thrives here, thanks in part to our geographically remote location and mild tropical climate, yet many species are threatened or endangered. Sustainable economic development helps to protect Hawaii Island’s exceptional natural environment and rich natural resources.

Volcanically active, Hawaii Island holds immense geothermal potential. Geothermal now supplies approximately 20% of Hawaii Island’s electrical needs and is Hawaii’s most abundant firm source of renewable energy. Wind, solar, hydropower and biofuels add to the diverse clean energy portfolio.

Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa rise well over 13,000-feet above sea level and host international scientific facilities that have led to dramatic discoveries on climate change and astronomical research.

And below the ocean surface, diverse marine life and rapid access to deep-ocean depths allow for advanced study, applied research and thoughtful commercial development.

Hawaii Island presents unique assets and opportunities for investment, innovation and global impact.

Natural Resources
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Hawaii Conservation Alliance
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